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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Documented and used for more than 2500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved from the analysis and observation of the human body in its dynamic state. It is essentially a natural and empirical science in which the individual is considered as a whole—body and spirit—with his strengths and weaknesses and as an integral part of his environment.



      TCM herbal medicine comprises of natural products, mainly of plants and minerals but sometimes of animal origin. The most frequently used remedies are plant-based. Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed as a formula of ingredients rather than a single ingredient. The Formula is meant to take in consideration the global condition of the patient and aims to address a group of symptoms or a TCM pattern.

      Different from the Western diet, it works much like the pharmacopeia and is based on the flavors and natures of different foods or plants, which have effects on the body's dynamic. Diet is modified according to symptoms and TCM patterns of the patient.
  • QI GONG:

      Consists of different exercises or movements that integrate breathing techniques, specific physical movements and postures as well as a focused mind in order to promote global circulation, maintain health, increase vitality and  help the healing process.
  • TUI NA:

      Consists of different massage techniques performed on specific points, meridians or areas of the body in order to restore or stimulate the energy flow. Acupressure is one technique, amongst others, used in Tui Na.

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