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Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

The therapeutic effect of acupuncture is quite extensive. It may be used as preventive, therapeutic and complementary care accordingly.


Acupuncture can have an impact on the following systems or conditions:

Pain Management                 Respiratory
Digestion        Allergies
Circulatory   Sleep, Stress, Anxiety
Urogenital   Locomotor apparatus
Reproductive   Dermatology-Skin
Auditory                 Eye problems
Other conditions   Substance Abuse 


Pain Management:
Arthritis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip, neck pain, sciatica, lower back pain, general muscle pain, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, epicondylitis, cramps, sprains, bursitis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial neuralgia, shoulder problems.

Digestive system:
Ulcer, dyspepsia (difficult to digest), stomach pain in general, loss of appetite, anorexia, hiccups, difficulty swallowing, colitis, bowel disorders, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, hemorrhoids, gallbladder and liver disorders, vomiting.

Respiratory system:
Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, laryngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, cold, flu, dyspnea.

Allergic rhinitis, seasonal or perennial allergies, Hay fever, various other allergies.

Circulatory system:
Numbness, cold limbs, chills, swelling, edema, hypertension, hypotension.

Neuro-vegetative system: sleep, stress, anxiety
Nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, stuttering, nervous tics, phobias, depression, generalized fatigue, obsessions, nightmares, bulimia, vertigo, tremors, loss of balance.

Urogenital system:
Prostate problems, cystitis, incontinence, difficulty urinating, vaginitis, genital problems.

Reproductive system:
Painful, heavy or irregular periods, amenorrhea, menopause, loss of sex drive, impotence, problems related to pregnancy.

Locomotor apparatus system:
Hemiplegia, certain types of paralysis, certain types of atrophy and muscular dystrophy.

Dermatology /Skin :
Eczema, shingles, boils, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, urticaria, athlete's foot.

Auditory system:
Ear pain, certain types of hearing loss, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, Ménière's disease.

Ocular system:
Vision problems, conjunctivitis, certain types of vision loss, glare, cataracts, glaucoma, black spots.

Other health conditions:
Acupuncture has proven to be helpful and complementary with the following: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, anemia, mononucleosis, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, ataxia, myelitis, fibromas and certain oncology realities;

Substance abuse: it can also help with addiction problems: cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, obesity.

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