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The Acupuncture Profession

Did you know that acupuncture has been regulated in Quebec since 1995?

Indeed, acupuncturists have been regulated by the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Quebec (OAQ) for more than 20 years. An acupuncturist is one of the 46 Board-Certified professions of our province. All acupuncturists must meet the criteria of this regulatory board and be registered with the OAQ. 

LAWS AND REGULATIONS: The acupuncture profession is subject to “La Loi sur l'acupuncture” and its related regulations.

IN CANADA: As of now, five provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Quebec) have regulated acupuncture as a profession. As such, 87.6% of the Canadian population has access to board certified professionals.

PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLING IN QUEBEC: Only one school of acupuncture training has been recognized by the Ministry of Education of Quebec and the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Quebec. It is the Acupuncture department of the College Rosemont in Montreal. Training is 3 years and demands a minimum of 2640 hours of which 1980 hours are specific to acupuncture. Please contact them directly if you need more information: (514) 376-1620 #7351.

DIPLOMA RECOGNITION: If you have studied outside of Quebec you must contact the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec directly and submit your questions and/or professional curriculum. Please contact the OAQ to obtain more information on this issue (514) 523-2882 or 1-800-474-5914.


ORDRE DES ACUPUNCTEURS : website is available in French only— call for service in English